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Dr. Jordi Obiols
MD at the University of Barcelona, he obtained the doctorate degree in Medicine in 1985.
Since 1995 he is professor of psychopathology at the Department of Clinical and Health at the UAB.
He is the head of the Research Unit on Psychopathology and Neuropsychology, and coordinates the official Master Research and Clinical Psychology Master at the UAB. His field of main interest is schizophrenia and specifically the study of psychobiological risk markers for these psychoses. He has published several monographs on schizophrenia and more than a hundred research papers in scientific journals.
He was a regular contributor to BTV's "Saló de lectura" program and TV3's "L'hora del lector". He has given several lectures on the relationship between Art and mental illness and has several publications on the subject. He was the curator of the exhibition "Art and Madness. Joan Obiols Vié: psychiatrist and humanist" at the Joan Brossa Foundation